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How to undress


S/O: The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano (Dir. J. Seftel, US, 2016, 26′)

first you turn on the light

then you walk on through

then you say something to your next door neighbor

then you wait until you get the right answer

then you give it your best shot

then you keep on waiting

then you tell your stories to another

then you go it alone

then you wait some more

then you make a right

then you finally get there

then you begin to ask

then you turn off the light

then you ask to begin

to begin to undress




until the body is in full dress again

when someone’s turned on the light again

you look back

what do you see

if not a building of who you wanted to be

then you begin to undress

and count the days


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