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El laberinto del fauno será musical

dic-7-2012 By cinefilo

Convertir películas a musicales esta muy de moda en Hollywood, y aunque ha habido algunos muy buenos

Para su último numero del año, la prestigiosa revista The Hollywood Reporter propone una portada muy


nov-29-2012 By cinefilo

Silent House is an independent film that isn’t too defined between the psychological thriller and the terror, big fail because the viewers don’t know if wait to be scared or start to think that the characters are simply a few twisted. Directed by Chris Kentis (Open Water) the film tells the story of Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) a young woman who accompanies her father to an old country house in order to fix it and put it on sale, the plot gives a turn when the girl starts to hear inexplicable sounds and begins a persecution that will be difficult to predict.

There are several interesting aspects around this film: The first of them is that it’s a remake of an uruguayan film entitled La Casa Muda, exceptional detail that Hollywood look with interest the Latin American cinema, the second striking feature is that the original film has as its starting point a unfinished research about the murders that took place in a rural area of Uruguay in the 40’s. The original creators made the story of the “what could happened” the last 74 minutes in the life of the victims, fourth remarkable ítem, the movie was filmed with photographic cameras and  fifth, more curious than striking for a spectator, everything is developed in real time.

The real time aspect can go against any production, sometimes it can be exhausting have to follow until the most useless movements of the main character. Horror is a very demanding genre for this reason there are few films in this category that may grow up to be good. The abuse of the soundtracks and of the objects that fall unexpectedly shouldn’t be used to scare the audience, the true horror should be sustained in acts of weight not that in the middle of the absolute silence intrude the more acute note of a violin, anyone can be scared with this kind of things, or better, can be shocked that is not the same than scared, but the directors continue using these resources.

The performance of Elizabeth Olsen is quite believable, she achieves to interpret a rainbow of emotions according to the situations that are submitted to her, the role is not forced nor weak, as the almost only character on the shoulders of the actress is the responsibility to convey the terror of the film in its totality and succeeds in convincing way, of course this is one of the factors that keep the film alive.

The reception of Silent House was attended with divided opinions: while some praise the perfomances and others the filming technique, some sectors opted to say that the esthetics were not enough attractive.

¿Which is the opinion of Zerorojo? It’s valid, to be honest in this genre there are too few options to choose, at times the movie is exhausting but the end fix a lot the situation, so if your choices include watching repeated movies by cable or see Silent House you can watch it with confidence. WARNING: the film does not change anyone’s life, offers only one point of reflection and come on is terror!… We all know the risks to sit down and watch it.